Brecknell Floor and Veterinary Scales

DCSB Floor Scale

 Product Features

  • All sizes are NTEP certified Legal for Trade at 5,000 divisions
  • Up to 6 mm / 0.25" thick top plate with heavy duty welded channel support
  • 91 cm / 3.1 inches high; 44 mm / 1.75" adjustable leveling feet
  • Pit mounted or free standing

DSB Series


Product Features

  • Legal for TradeNTEP certified at 5,000 divisions, Class lll
  • Thick safety tread top plate with heavy duty welded wide channel supports
  • Four alloy steel potted load cells
  • Pit mounted or free standing

Veterinary PS1000 / PS2000


No installation costs or parts that require maintenance. Just place the scale on a hard surface and level by adjusting the foot pads.

Typical Applications: Animal Weighing



Accurate and reliable: ideal for accurately weighing horses and other larger animals, helps to remove the guesswork where treatments or administration of feed needs to be closely monitored.

Typical Applications: Animal Weighing


 Provides consistent accuracy within 0.1% and comes equipped with a simple to operate indicator for fast LED digital readout

  • Powder coated rugged steel with smooth top plate surface and two handles and wheels to easily relocate. Adjustable foot pads to work effectively on uneven floors. Built-in ramp ends for recessed floors
  • 63.5 mm (2.5") high