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Doran 8000XL

The Doran 8000XL Series is just like the 7000XL Series, except it includes an internal rechargeable battery, making it a true washdown safe scale whether it's plugged in or run on battery. The 8000XL will run for a full 60 hours before needing to be recharged.

Doran PC-500

Doran leads the way with the PC-500, an IP66 washdown safe and rugged scale. The result of more than 30 years of design experience, the innovative PC-500 delivers a scale that tackles harsh environments of Washdown, Food service, and Industrial applications. Long battery life and a sleek, low profile design makes the PC-500 a perfect solution for your weighing needs.

Doran DXL Base

Doran’s exclusive “Quad Spring” DXL design provides the very best in shock and static overload protection. The DXL employs shock absorbing springs to protect the load cell when something is dropped on the scale. The DXL also has heavy-duty static overload stops to protect the load cell when excessive weight (up to ten times the capacity) is placed on the scale.

Doran DMS Base

Built to last and made to perform, that’s the Doran DMS/DSS Scale Bases. Welded tubular construction, 7 overload stops, time proven Doran designs all add up to trouble-free performance. Choose from the General Purpose DMS or the Washdown Safe DSS Series.

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