Metro Scale Company was founded in 1971. Joe and Sam Fite purchased Metro Scale from the original owner in 1976. At that time it was a service business that operated out of  his garage.

Joe and Sam developed quite a reputation for providing outstanding service and weighing equipment.  A company built on solid principles of providing quality service and products to our customers. Metro  Scale leased a small space in an old warehouse to start off. They bought machinery to make pivots and bearings for mechanical scales. They fabricated lever scales, and custom size platform scales.

In 1980 Metro was approached to solve a problem with putting parts into a heat treating furnace. Joe seen that other Heat Treaters must have the same problems, and the first Metro Loader was developed. It did not take long for the heat treating industry to see the value of loading their furnace consistently based on weight. The Business grew quickly. The leased building was no longer adequate to build these systems.

In 1980, Metro bought a piece of property in Melvindale, MI and put up a 5 000 square foot building. The following year an additional 5 000 square foot addition was added. A lot of weighing equipment was fabricated in this new facility. It did not take long to see that there were more opportunity’s to grow the company in the material handling business.

Metro Scale Company, Inc. Is dedicated to providing solutions to our customer’s problems. We strive to stay in touch with today’s rapidly changing technology. If its a scale system or material handling Metro has the expertise to solve your problem.

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