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Rice Lake Weighing Bench Scales

Rice Lake IQ plus 2100

Common checkweighing tasks, the IQ plus 2100 features simple two button operation. Use the IQ plus 2100 for bakeries, portioning, kitting, or many other light industrial checkweighing needs.

Rice Lake Digi 120

Rice Lake’s 120 indicator is paired with a DIGI bench scale platform to provide an economical bundled legal for trade bench scale. Features include three-stage digital filtering for consistent, accurate weight data, full programmibility, calibration and configuration capabilities, and a large, easy-to-read 0.8" LED display. The DIGI 120 Bench scale system is an ideal platform size of 17" x 21" for a range of material handling and shipping and receiving applications.

Rice Lake CW-90 The CW-90 keeps things simple to meet the needs of today's lean manufacturers. Use this checkweigher by easily watching the over/under lights. Program the unit with specified weight limits and a red light will display an underweight condition, yellow for over, and green when a target weight is reached. Rice Lake's CW-90 will help error-proof your production process and achieve your productivity goals.

Ishida IDX, IGB Ishida’s IGX & IGB Series Bench Scales are as adaptable as they come, with a heavy duty design that accommodates capacities as high as 300 lbs. Appreciate the convenience of the high-visibility pivoting display and added checkweigh function. Choose the IGX for the bright VFD display, or IGB for the crisp LCD design and battery operation. Perfect for areas with a wide variety of weighing needs.

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