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MSI Crane Scales Page 2

MSI 9850 CellScale RF Digital Indicator

The MSI 9850 is ideal for remote operation of MSI's CellScale crane scale models, including the MSI-6260CS, MSI-9300, MSI-9300HT, and MSI-9000. Use in multi-scale and data-logging applications

MSI 8000 RF Remote Display

The MSI-8000 is a full-featured remote display for operation with MSI models: MSI-3460, MSI-4260 and MSI-7300 Dyna Link 2. Enables operators to operate weighing systems from a distance not offering harms way.

MSI 8000 HD

Fortified by the acclaimed reputation of its star precursor, MSI-8000HD is the heavy-duty version of the reputable handheld MSI-8000 RF Remote Display. The milled anodized aluminum, IP68-rated, enclosure is mountable in either a direct panel mount or optional tilt stand. The full waterproof construction resists most elements making it especially appealing to the petro-chemical, energy, marine, and aerospace industries.

MSI 7300 Dyna Link 2 The industry's most advanced digital tension dynamometer, the new and improved MSI-7300, provides even more features and benefits than earlier dynamometer models. The new Dyna-Link 2 offers a lightweight, portable design for better handling, and superior viewing with its large 1 inch display.

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