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Rice Lake Weighing Medical Scales Page 3

Rice Lake 550-10-1

Digital Chair Scales can be extremely beneficial in a variety of locations where patients frequently need to be weighed while sitting. These include rehabilitation centers, orthopedic departments, dialysis centers and nursing homes. Digital technology is fast and accurate, leading to an efficient and comfortable weighing experience.

Rice Lake RL MCS

Mechanical Chair Scales offer complete portability and durability to those patients not able to stand on traditional scales. Choose mechanical chair scales as a reliable and durable option for weighing patients comfortably and accurately in any location.

Rice Lake Neonatal Scale A resolution of 1 gram provides the most precise weighing of infants, while movement compensation technology eliminates error caused by the baby's motion. A Built in measuring tape and reweigh function allow operator to verify measurements without removing and replacing baby on the scale.

Rice Lake Veterinary Scale

This scale offers a large 22 x 42 inch weighing platform for general purpose weighing up to 600 lbs. A low profile non-skid surface enhances the versatility of this device, making it perfect for weighing the broadest range of capacities and sizes.

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