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Rice Lake Weighing Medical Scales Page 2

Rice Lake 350-10-8

The Dual Ramp Wheelchair Platform Scale’s side ramps allow access from both sides, easing transport of the patient across the scale. Generous cable length between the scale base and indicator decrease cord interference with traffic and keep measurements confidential to the appropriate audiences.

Rice Lake SB-1150

The Summit® Bariatric Scale provides exceptional performance in applications where typical wheelchair scales are not large enough to meet the needs of your patients. The heavy-duty Summit Bariatric scale easily accommodates wheelchairs with its large platform and easy-access ramp.

Rice Lake 350-10-3

The sleek design of the Dual Ramp Wheelchair Scale with Handrail makes this scale easy to move and store. Dual access ramps increase traffic flow in smaller spaces and sturdy handrail supports patients and reduces risk.

Rice Lake 350-10-4

For mobile patients requiring a seat, especially during multiple weigh-ins, the Dual Ramp Wheelchair Platform Scale with Seat is an ideal option. The Model 350-10-4 has a padded seat that easily tucks away, still allowing for dual function as both a wheelchair scale and chair scale.

Rice Lake D300-8 THE WIRELESS WHEELCHAIR SCALE is light weight making it ideal for portable home health providers yet, heavy duty and durable so it can withstand the repeated weighing requirements of long term care and hospital environments. To weigh a patient, a health care provider places a weighing pad in front of each wheel and simply rolls the wheelchair onto the four pads. The pads communicate wirelessly to the handheld controller, which combines the measurements from each pad and displays the total weight.

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