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Brecknell Medical / Vet Scales Page 2

Brecknell MS 1000  

This electronic chair scale was designed for either walking on or being wheeled on to be weighed. The scale provides accurate weight with an easy-to-read LED display.

Brecknell PS1000 / 2000  

Provides consistent accuracy within 0.1% and comes equipped with an indicator for fast digital read out.  Weighing only 60 lbs, two easy access carry handles makes this scale convenient to relocate. No need for ramps or recessed floors, as this unit comes with ramped ends. There are no installation costs and no moving parts that require maintenance or adjustment. Accomplishes a multitude of weighing jobs: livestock, pets, feed carts, bulk containers, shipping and receiving and more.

Brecknell PS 3000 HD

Accurate and reliable: ideal for accurately weighing horses and other larger animals, helps to remove the guesswork where treatments or administration of feed needs to be closely monitored.

Brecknell DS-1  

The DS-1 accurately measures portion size and provides nutrition value for up to 400 food items. Easy to look-up food items with a 99 diet memory mode.

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