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Pennsylvania 7600/7500+  

SS enclosure and U-bracket mount

Fully compatible with existing load cell platforms and systems

One button counting

Powerful 16-bit microprocessor for speed and accuracy

Audit Trail accountability feature/front panel access

Off-the-shelf flexibility for a wide range of applications

Count or weight setpoints for sequential batching (7600)

Ethernet, Analog 1-10 VDC/4-20 mA, relay output options

Pennsylvania 7400

Simplified 5-Button front panel model has all of the features and capabilities of the 7600E but is designed for direct replacement for many existing UMC-series applications; dual independent RS-232 outputs, for example drive both scoreboards and printers or data processing systems.  Suitable for wet or harsh environments.  Unit shown is marked for Emery Winslow customers.

Pennsylvania 7600 E

The 7600E Indicator is IDEAL for TRUCK SCALE, Heavy Capacity, and BATCHING applications with convenient I/O connections and Menu Driven batching sequences or 300 Truck Tare memories with menu-selected Print Sequences.  It was designed for expanded capabilities.  Note the compression fittings for convenient wiring of Scoreboards, Printers, I/O controls such as Start/Stop and Print, as well as other options.  

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