Pennsylvania Scale Counting Scales

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Pennsylvania 7500 & 7600

SS enclosure w/U-bracket mount Quick disconnect load cell input standard

Programmable data output Remote Displays-- function as master or slave for dual display applications Optional AC/DC integrated power supply with heavy duty power cord; 30 hour life/charge Optional DUAL BASE input for Sample and Bulk counting (7600+) UPS Online, FedEX, and other default settings 16 MILLION internal counts for superb count resolution

Simple or expanded functions and settings

Pennsylvania 7600

1:16 million internal counts

10,0000 displayed weight graduations

Programmable data outputs

One button operation plus enhanced features for better accuracy

Rugged cast construction

Made in USA

Pennsylvania 7500

Simplified operation and rugged cast construction make the 7500+ the choice for fast, accurate counting. Present sample sizes of 10-20-50-100 pieces and Auto Sample Update (tm) feature. Designed for 20 year service life, not to be confused with lightweight disposable low resolution units... LEAST LIFE COST over inferior competitors' products + MADE AND SUPPORTED IN THE USA:


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